Advanced Business Certificate in Health Care Finance and Insurance

This graduate-level certificate is designed for business professionals who are interested in careers in the area of health care economics, finance and insurance.

Principles of economics, finance and insurance are stressed. These business skills are essential for understanding the complex and rapidly changing health care industry in which medical care organizations, including consulting firms, hospitals, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, long-term care facilities, physician practice management firms and others, operate. These courses focus on an understanding of the economic and financial environment in which medical care organizations operate. They also explore the institutional framework and regulatory environment faced by medical care organizations and provide conceptual models and analytical tools for better understanding the behavior and performance of real-world medical care firms.

Quick Facts

Locations UConn Graduate Business Learning Center
Hartford, Connecticut
Length Four courses (12 credits)
Term Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Fees Commensurate with FLEX MBA course fees

Course Requirements

HCMI 5240 Introduction to Healthcare Management
HCMI 5243 Health Care Economics
Choice of two from the following:
FNCE 5202 Investment and Security Analysis
HCMI 5221 Risk Management and Insurance
HCMI 5686 Health Insurance and Risk Management
HCMI 5687 Global Healthcare Systems
HCMI 5688 Risk Management and Quality Across  Borders



Applicants must fulfill one of the following requirements

  • Graduate degree (Ph.D., MD, JD, Master’s) from a fully-accredited university or college
  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution AND be a working professional in the areas related to health care finance and insurance


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by the Admissions Committee to the Part-time MBA Program at the Hartford campus.

Please review the Application Instructions before starting your application.


Laine Kingo

Laine Kingo
Assistant Director of Student Services, MBA Programs
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