Faculty members associated with the Healthcare Management & Insurance Studies program are actively engaged in scholarly endeavors and perform timely and cutting-edge research. Their research not only influences important decisions made in corporate boardrooms and government centers but also enhances the classroom environment experienced by health care management and insurance students at both the undergraduate and MBA levels. Some of the recent topics investigated by our teacher-scholars and the journals in which they have published include:

Research“The Psychological Costs of War: Military Combat and Mental Health” Journal of Health Economics

“Do Health Insurers Possess Market Power?” Southern Economic Journal

“The Determinants of Medical Device R&D Expenditures” Health Economics

“Do Hospital Chief Executive Officers Extract Rents from Certificate of Need Laws?” Journal of Health Care Finance

“Does Regionalization of Public Health Services Influence Public Spending Levels and Allocative Efficiency?” Regional Science and Urban Economics

“An Empirical Study of the Consolidation of Local Public Health Services in Connecticut” Public Choice

“New Estimates of the Cost of Capital for Pharmaceutical Firms” Journal of Corporate Finance

“Pharmaceutical R&D Spending and Price Constraint Threats” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

“The Value of Contingent Commissions in the Property-Casualty Insurance Industry: Evidence on Stock Market Returns”, Journal of Risk and Insurance