Welcome to UConn’s Online Certificate Program in Healthcare Informatics & Technology

We are excited to announce that we have been recognized as an Approved Educational Partner (AEP) by HIMSS (Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society). This is a highly selective partnership that recognizes the quality of our curriculum and faculty. UConn is the only on-line certificate program in the Northeast to hold this distinction.

This past year, we completed a major revision of our program to provide a timely, relevant, and affordable educational experience to a wide range of healthcare professionals. We have developed a state-of-the-art curriculum, delivered by an outstanding faculty, that engages each student in a series of knowledge-driven topics. We are pleased to offer our program to the global healthcare community and invite you to review the information provided within this website.

Thank you for your interest!

This non-credit certificate program is designed to meet the educational needs of entry- to mid-level IT staff members employed within healthcare organizations. The program also provides increased knowledge of healthcare information technology for experienced healthcare staff members from other fields and areas of expertise. In addition, healthcare business consultants and professional staff from related disciplines have found the program relevant for understanding the dynamics of the complex health care field from an IT perspective.

The program offers an effective online instructional approach for enhancing one’s knowledge and skills of healthcare IT, and through certification, may facilitate advancement for individuals employed within health care organizations. Participation in this program by healthcare professionals employed in hospitals and other healthcare organizations will enable them to more fully address IT challenges, more effectively organize and manage projects, and better understand emerging IT trends. Given the pace and complexity of our nation’s healthcare reform, this has become particularly relevant.

The four required courses making up the program effectively integrate industry expertise with cutting edge research. Initially developed as a collaborative educational project between the University of Connecticut’s Center for Healthcare Management & Insurance Studies in the School of Business and HIMSS, the program was offered for many years through the UConn Center for Continuing Studies. It is now offered within CITI, the Connecticut Information Technology Institute within the School of Business.

To earn the certificate, you must successfully complete all four courses. This includes one Foundation course, a course in Clinical & IT Program Management, a course in Healthcare Informatics, and a final course in Emerging Technologies & Healthcare Strategies. Each course is offered two times per year.  Students must begin with the Foundation course upon admission to the program.