Payment, Late Fee and Refund Policy

The following policies for graduate certificates in healthcare management and insurance studies regarding payment, late fees, and refunds are as of November 22, 2019.

Payment Policy

$1,150 per credit or $3,450 per 3-credit course for the 2024/25 academic year

Please refer to the Registrar’s website for important dates and deadlines.

Payment Options: The University of Connecticut offers a variety of payment options. Please visit the Office of the Bursar Payment website for more information.

Please Note: The Long-Term Care Program Office does not accept any payments.

Third Party Invoicing: If a student is expecting their fee bill to be paid directly to UConn by a third party (i.e. employer, sponsor, state agency, etc.) the student must submit a third party financial guarantee letter, on company letterhead, to our Office by the payment due date.  You can hand deliver or email this document to the Long-Term Care Program office.  It should be sent to the location which is considered your main or primary campus. Once the financial guarantee has been submitted, we will, in turn, defer the fee bill based on the value and terms listed on the financial guarantee for that given semester. Any remaining balance due on the account will be the financial responsibility of the student and must be paid by the published due dates. Failure to pay any remaining balance after the deferral and/or failure to submit a financial guarantee by the fee bill due date may result in accrual of late fees and a financial hold being placed on the students account.

 In the event the third party does not submit full or any portion of the payment the balance due will be the sole financial responsibility of the student.

Company Tuition Reimbursement: If you get reimbursed by your employer, it is your responsibility to pay by the due date.  We cannot defer your account until you are paid from your employer.  Any non-payments will accrue late fees.

If required, our office can assist you in getting an Itemized Grade Letter Invoice from the Registrar’s office for submission to your employer.  Grade Letter Invoice can be requested by emailing your primary campus from your your UConn email address and a staff member will assist you with the process. It takes 2-3 weeks for the whole process, so please be proactive with your requests.

Financial Aid: For Financial Aid information please visit

Please Note: Non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid.

UConn Employees: Please visit  to complete your tuition waiver application. Please email the Long-Term Care Program and let us know that you have completed this requirement.  If the waiver is processed on time, the balance on your account is due by the above due dates.   If you expect any delays in processing, please inform us by the first day of the semester or else you might accrue a late fee. Please contact:-

Veterans: To see if you qualify for Veteran’s Tuition Waivers and/or benefits please contact Rob Passmore at (860) 486-1973 or email

Please Note: If you are Non-degree student, please specify that to your Veteran Officer. This may impact your eligibility for benefits.

Late Fee and Refund Policy

Please visit the Office of the Bursar Payment website for more information.