Internship in Healthcare Management (HCMI 5632)

Internship Overview

A 900 hour (9 credit) internship period is conducted by each student to meet State of Connecticut licensure eligibility requirements. Each student participates in this learning experience within one or more skilled nursing facilities.  The internship focuses on the acquisition of skills related to administrative decision-making, problem-solving,  and the operational characteristics of long-term healthcare organizations. The administrative residency portion of the program is conducted under the guidance of a qualified preceptor. Students may conduct the internship on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Internship Requirements

  • A written project
  • In order to meet State requirements, students completing their internship on a part-time basis must complete a minimum of 20 hours per week. Hours must be completed while a preceptor is in the building, which is ordinarily during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). In general, a maximum of 45 hours per week is permitted.
  • Students having a business or personal affiliation with a specific facility can complete up to a maximum of 450 hours within this facility. The remaining 450 hours must be completed in another facility. All placements must be approved by the Program Director.
  • Students must remain compliant with UConn health requirements, UConn Clinical Placement requirements, and any additional agency-specific requirements set forth by the facility in order to remain in their placement. For more information about compliance, please refer to the Long-Term Healthcare Management Compliance page.

Internship Placement Process

The University provides assistance when possible to each student in securing an approved internship site. Generally, each student is given the opportunity to consider several sites prior to initiating the internship experience. A student may also elect to seek an internship placement on his or her own behalf. All internship placements must be approved by the Long-Term Healthcare Management program director.

Each internship site designates a licensed individual who will serve as the student’s preceptor. The potential preceptor's experience, education, and skills are taken into account during this process. An extensive and detailed internship outline is provided as part of this program, which should be followed in completing the internship requirements.

Rotation throughout several facilities is encouraged to provide a broad perspective to students participating in the program. Students are also encouraged to explore a variety of settings including both proprietary and non-profit organizations, and facilities of different size, services and operating characteristics.

Monthly Internship Meetings: Networking and Education

Monthly internship meetings are held for all students participating in the program. These are held virtually and provide students with an opportunity to broaden their understanding of the long- term healthcare management field and gain the perspectives of different long-term healthcare administrators. The meetings also provide exposure to a diverse group of facilities that represent the wide range of services offered within the long-term care setting and facilitates networking opportunities for students in the program. Our internship meetings also provide an opportunity for our students to meet and participate in presentations with stakeholders that represent the regulatory, legislative and collective bargaining segments of the long-term health care field.

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