Fees, Financial Aid, and Scholarship Resources

Payment, Fees, and Refunds

The Graduate Certificate Program in Long-Term Health Care Management is part of the Graduate School's portfolio of certificate programs at UConn. Thus, all fees, payments, and refunds are processed by the Graduate School and governed by its policies and procedures. Should a student be unable to pay their fee bill balance up front, they should visit the Office of the Bursar's website to find a suitable payment plan. The Payment, Late Fee, and Refund Policy can be found at this link:

Please contact us or the Graduate School by email or telephone if you need additional information or clarification regarding these fees.

Please note that the maximum number of credits paid for in any given semester is nine, even if you are registering for the total program requirement of 12 credits.

Scholarship Resources

Students for whom affordability is a concern should consider if applying for scholarships is a good fit for them. The Schools of Business and Nursing offer a portfolio of scholarships, some of which admitted students may be eligible for. Students are also encouraged to do their own research and find external scholarships that may be right for them based on their individual characteristics, experiences, involvement, and interests.

For guidance on how to find scholarships, please view the UConn School of Business Scholarship for Graduate Students page. It is important to note that scholarships involve a significant time investment. Due to the timing of decisions and disbursement, students pursuing scholarships should start applying early.

For scholarship opportunities offered by the UConn School of Nursing, visit the scholarship page. Please note that students enrolled in the Long-Term Healthcare Management program may not be eligible for all the scholarships listed. We recommend that students consider in particular the Donald T. and Ann M. Valerio Scholarship Fund, as well as the Eleanor I. Skinner Memorial Fellowship.  Students are encouraged to read the criteria for each scholarship to determine if it is right for them.

Financial Aid Resources

Students aiming to take out a federal student loan should fill out the FAFSA form for the academic year in which they are planning to matriculate. FAFSA forms can be completed as early as October 1st in the year prior to matriculation, but the deadline to complete the form is February 15th. Students are encouraged to complete the form as early as possible to ensure they are able to get the most aid possible, as decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Students can also take out private student loans. For more information on making the decision between federal and private loans, please visit FAFSA.gov.