Program Requirements

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Applicants to the certificate program must:

  • Hold at least a bachelor's degree in any discipline
  • Have a strong interest in serving in a leadership position
  • Have some familiarity with the long-term healthcare management field

Certificate Requirements

The certificate program is a 12 credit graduate program that consists of two basic components: the 3-credit Management of Long-Term Healthcare Organizations course and a 9-credit supervised internship. All certificate requirements must be completed within three years of initial enrollment.

  1. Management of Long-Term Healthcare Organizations (HCMI 5549) HCMI 5549 is a 3-credit course normally offered each semester online on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.
  2. Supervised Internship (HCMI 5632) HCMI 5632 is a 9 credit/ 900 hour supervised internship completed over 2-3 semesters. The internship (HCMI 5632) generally may begin concurrently with HCMI 5549, or anytime after HCMI 5549 begins. Students may also wait until HCMI 5549 is completed before beginning the internship. The internship must start within one year after HCMI 5549 is completed.
    1. Students must be able to dedicate at least 20 hours per week to their internship during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm); there are no exceptions to this requirement.
  3. Compliance Requirements: Compliance is a set of requirements you must complete to be cleared for placement in a clinical or field setting for the HCMI 5632 Internship. Compliance requirements must be completed, documented, and submitted to the Office of Clinical Placement Coordination.
    1. Requirements may include, but are not limited to: immunizations, titers, other health screenings, drug screenings, criminal background check, trainings, certifications, and forms.
    2. All requirements must be met to be cleared for placement and compliance must be maintained for the duration of the internship. For more information about compliance, please visit the Long-Term Healthcare Management Compliance page.